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RE: Crocodile predator

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> Bruce E Shillinglaw
> Could happen, too - to a _juvenile_ *Deinosuchus*. Juvenile crocs of all
> varieties are, and no doubt were, eagerly taken by predators of all kinds,
> including "dinosaurs" like the blue heron. An adult croc, however, is
> another story - and I don't think that spinosaurs had the power in their
> jaws and teeth to do the job. *Carcharodontosaurus*, on the other
> hand might
> have been able to seriously shred a croc before the croc got a chance to
> bite back - kind of the way a white shark handles seals.

One thing to not, though, is that _Carcharodontosaurus_ (unlike a great
white) had EXTREMELY narrow jaws, so it almost certainly could not grab hold
and thrash around the way a seal-munching shark does.

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