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Re: Bouncing Allosaurs

Mike Taylor wrote:
>Last night I re-watched the WWD special on "Big Al" and once again I
was troubled by the gait of the running Allosaurs.  It's clearest on
the frontal shot of the large female running towards the corpse of the
collapsed Diplodocus.  She bounces up and down in what seems to me a
very inefficient way -- what a waste of energy!

Is this a good construction, or did large theropods more like run with
their bodies moving in a more or less straight horizontal line, like
large running birds today?  If my hunch is right, then what were the
WWD people thinking?<
Does anyone know; if and when this WWD special on "Big Al" is going to be aired here in the US ( I take it Mike is from the UK, or am I wrong? If so sorry)? I don't think I missed it, have I?