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Re: the tonight show

At 02:08 PM 09/01/01 +0000, Ken Kinman wrote:
All things considered, and being directed at the generalized audience of the Tonight Show, I would say the comparison was a useful one (although I must admit that I didn't see that show myself). And if velociraptors are secondarily flightless, then the comparison is even more appropriate.

I must disagree. Calling a cassowary a "dino-bird" will imply to a general audience not that it is marginally more like a Velociraptor than a sparrow is (and I am not sure I buy this either), but that it is some sort of halfway-house between birds and (other) dinosaurs. Of course it is nothing of the kind. It is a perfectly good modern bird, though a palaeognath. You could just as easily say that a koala is more like a crossopterygian fish than an elephant - hardly a useful statement even if, genetically, it might be (marginally) true.

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