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Re: Bouncing Allosaurs

> Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 10:01:04 -0600
> From: "Todd Marshall" <todd@sunstorm.net>
> Does anyone know; if and when this WWD special on "Big Al" is going
> to be aired here in the US ( I take it Mike is from the UK, or am I
> wrong?  If so sorry)? I don't think I missed it, have I?

Yes, I am from the UK; the BBC, to its credit, thought that Big Al was
important and interesting enough to go out of Christmas day!

But you don't need to have seen that WWD special to have seen the
bouncing Allosaur gait -- it's all over the relevant episodes of the
original WWD, and if I remember correctly, their T. rex did something
rather similar.

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         need to follow the normal rules until you get fascinating" --
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P.S.  For anyone else who didn't know, I have been told in private
correspondence that the correct plural of "Allosaurus" is "Allosauri"
-- which I guess is obvious, by analogy with Hippopotamus, if I'd
spotted the similarity.