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Re: Bouncing Allosaurs

  I'm sure there was a bit of artistic license used by the WWD animators to 
make the animals more life-like to the average viewer. I noted that the large 
theropods were constantly doing a "dog-shake" with their heads and others 
have commented on the diplodocuses(?) quivering like a sackful of jello at 
every footfall. I did admire to gait of the running Coelophysis which was 
very "un-bouncey", however.
  Another thing I noted is the angle of articulation of the skull and 
cervicals with the neck meeting the skull from above in the carnosaurs and 
Coelophysis. Is this correct? I suspect it is, as Greg Paul shows it in 
Allosaurus and he's da Man. I just wonder if I've missed a paper on this due 
to spending too much time underwater. Dan Varner.