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Re: First Book for Smart Dino Enthusiast


I take it your friend at least has a high school education.  The book below
is a college introductory textbook.

I recommend _The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs_ by Festovsky and
Weishampel.  It is a good introduction to dinosaurs from the
paleontologist's viewpoint.  The authors use technical words for the reader
to learn, but the text is written in a non-technical way(the reader will
know what the definition of the words *scapula* or *maxilla* after reading
the text).  I am reading the book right now and I find it fascinating. Your
friend will learn the basics of cladistics, and other information he needs
to know regarding the different families of dinosaurs.  The book also
discusses (and I am using the author's words) *avian dinosaurs* (birds), the
extinction theories, and the endothermy of the dinosaurs.  The distribution
of the dinosaurs is also covered. The book was published in 1996, so some of
the more current discoveries are not covered and some information might be
out of date.  The book is a complete survey, however.

You also might want to check DinoFAQ #2, where some of us on the list have
recommended dinosaur books.

You can find that at

I have not seen the Scientific American book, so I do not know how complete
it is. I have heard through the list that it is good!!

If you have any further questions regarding the book, let me know.


Jim Hower
Sue-the "It" T-rex

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I have a friend who has newly acquired an interest in
dinosaurs and he'd like to read a book about them.

What in your opinion is the best non-technical book to
get an intelligent person up to speed on the
dinosaurs?  This would need to be a pretty thorough
general survey, but, to reiterate, not technical.

Would the new Scientific American book do the trick?
I haven't seen it yet.  Both of the recent big
encyclopedias would be too technical.



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