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RE: journals and paleontologists

Apologies, for I understand words were entirely polite. I reiterate it was a general comment, some people on this list have been kind enough to share their expertise with the less enlightened public and this is appreciated. Due to personal experience I agree with the statements of Tom Holtz and Jerry Harris that there are many difficulties in getting accesses to proper computers in many parts of the world. However, it appears that the web is indeed making information more easily accessible and in fact peoples of many various nations can benefit from this. The amount of time spent in simply obtaining paleontological publications is very large, especially for those with no access to good libraries. This is in sharp contrast to certain other areas of scientific research hence my frustration and complaint. I noticed that there are many devoted amateur dinosaurlogists who know a whole lot- May be a consortium of such individuals would help even as the real paleontologist busy themselves purely with their research. They could gather, index and aesthetically present the work of the professionals in great depth. I am aware that there are some website poised to become such a thing but matters could vastly improve if more people share their knowledge.
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