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Re: The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs

>>I got the Scientific American book for Christmas and
spent the 
break reading it, and I am happy to say that this is
the best dinosaur
book since The Ultimate Dinosaur ...<<

I also got the _Book of Dinosaurs_ for Christmas, and
I'm very pleased with it, too.  It's an excellent
resource, of course, and very readable.  

Also, about _In the Presence of Dinosaurs_, I received
that one as well; it has some very nice art, and it
does resemble the National Geographic-type format. 
>From what I've read of it so far, it basically emerses
you (as the reader) into different Mesozoic time
periods, observing the animals and landscape there. 
This might sound a bit more fantastic than scientific,
but it really does include a good amount of info and
some nice artwork.  I'd recommend it, if you think
you'd want it.  

-Tara Lepore

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