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RE: journals and paleontologists

        >       However, it appears that the web is 
        >       indeed making information more easily accessible and in fact
peoples of many 
        >       various nations can benefit from this. The amount of time
spent in simply 
        >       obtaining paleontological publications is very large,
especially for those 
        >       with no access to good libraries. 

        >       They could      gather, index and aesthetically present the
work of the professionals in 
        >       great depth. I am aware that there are some website poised
to become such a 
        >       thing but matters could vastly improve if more people share
their knowledge.

        >       _EA

Your problem seems to be accessing publications on the web.
Isn't there any web site gathering publications  ? 

It's difficult to find this kind of site in any field. 
Or at least it's difficult to find a site with easy access to good material,

indexes, search tools and so on.

If this kind of site does not exist for paleontology, it's always possible
try to build one. Even if you will have to deal with copyright rules, iIt's
to gather "free" articles, making them available online. 

Hosting the site is not the biggest issue. Gathering articles, finding
etc... could be a more difficult task.

Is this, the kind of thing people around are looking for ?