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'Dat Dentary

I recently got a copy of the Rich & Rich 1999 paper "The
Hypsilophodontidae from Southeastern Australia", where they mention the
holotype of Qantassaurus is a left dentary. I have a cast of it, and it
seems to me to be a right dentary.

Is the V-shaped impression where the surangular joins up on the inside
or the outside of dinosaur dentaries? Also, do the teeth grow back to
front (or rather, side to other side) in the lower jaws of hypsies (that
is, are the larger ridges on the inside rather than the outside)? If the
V-shaped notch is on the inside, and the larger ridges on the teeth face
inwards unlike those of the maxilla, then it's a left dentary.
Otherwise, I'd say it was from the right side.

Of course the problem may be my notion of left and right. I'm assuming
this refers to things from the animal's point of view (their left) and
not to someone looking the beast in the face (the observer's right).

Confusion, anyone? :)


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