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Re: First Book for Smart Dino Enthusiast

In a message dated 1/10/01 10:33:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:

<< I approached Life with the idea of publishing an updated 15-part World We 
 Live In to be serialized starting in late 2002 (around the 50th anniversary 
 of the start of the original 13-part serial), but their editors seemed to be 
 uninterested. At least, they were uninterested in having >me< outline the 
 contents and write the text (heck, I'm no Lincoln Barnett!); but I don't 
 think they have plans to do anything like that ever again. Too bad; the 
 series introduced a huge number of kids, including me, to the natural world.
  That's a shame. When I was a youth and _The World We Live In_was published, 
a friend of my parents had a copy he would bring over when he visited (we 
couldn't afford one). I would always beg him to bring "The Book"and I'd just 
eat it up. I do not believe anything has ever surpassed the collection of 
scientific art in that series. The Chesley Bonestell renderings of the early 
earth just turned my 6 year-old brain inside and out. Zallinger's dinosaurs 
and marine reptile pages certainly had an impact. There was a real feeling of 
majesty and awe and even a little fear at the immensity of all that imagery. 
I wonder if it could actually be done like that again today?At any rate, I 
wish someone would re-photograph the art a re-publish it again with the new 
printing methods available today.
  If you are young and haven't seen the book, used copies are available for 
very little cost at www.bibliofind.com or any of the other used book dealers. 
Highly recommended. DV.