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Re: Dinofest Picts.

On Tue, 09 Jan 2001 14:55:01  
 Daniel Bensen wrote:
>I attended dinofest, myself and I was a bit surprised at how little cohesion 
>whole event had.  The good exhibits were very good (I especially liked the
>undersea exhibit and the ceratopsians---I'm a big fan of little plastic
>sculptures), but the bad exhibits were really REALLY bad.  What would a person
>who doesn't know anything about dinosaurs think seeing, on the one hand,
>Czerkas's feathered _Deinonychus_ and that horrible animatronic raptor on the

Yeah, I do agree...to a point.  I did think that the exhibit was a but 
uncohesive, but it was still really good.  I know a little about dinosaurs 
(granted, not as much as most of the rest of you list members!), and I didn't 
have much trouble understanding things.  But, for little kids and people that 
don't know much about dinosaurs other than the fact that T. rex was the king, 
then yeah, it was a bit uncohesive.

Speaking of photos, I should have some up on my site by the end of the month...


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