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Re: First Book for Smart Dino Enthusiast

I read somewhere recently (sorry, no ref) that more dinosaur books and articles 
have been
written in the last 10 years than in all of the preceding time!  One book?  
Just one?

I would vote for David Norman's _The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_, in 
spite of
its being very out of date (1985!).  I have yet to see any other beginners book 
on the
subject to compare with it in terms of its comprehensive wealth of information, 
and skeletal documentation (vivid color photos), and full color restorations.  
I also
like David Lambert's _The Ultimate Dinosaur Book_ and Bakker's _The Dinosaur 
for beginners.  But you need some new information, too, to bring you up to 
date, such as
National Geographic's _The Feathered Dinosaurs_ by Christopher Sloan, even 
though it is
basically a slim glossy color photo book for children.

The cool thing about Norman's book is that it has recently been reissued bound 
with Wellnhofer's _The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs_, which has the 
same rich
format as Norman's book.  Put together like this, it's quite an immersion into 
Mesozoic, even though its dinosaurs aren't quite as much fun, as manic, as 
feathery, or
as cladistically correct as the more recent interpretations.

-- Ralph W. Miller III   ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu