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Re: Summer field work opportunity

Julia's not subscribed to the dinosaur list hence this got bounced to

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Subject: Summer field work opportunity
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 10:33:59 -0700

Hi all:

My Earthwatch proposal to do field work in the Hell Creek of North Dakota
this summer (June 17-August 11) has been approved.  This project will
include 4-2 week teams of volunteers to help track theropod dinosaur
diversity during the last two million years of the Cretaceous.  

If you could pass this web page on to any interested students or other
people you know, I would greatly appreciate it: 


Especially useful for poor students who can't afford the Earthwatch program,
there will be a few slots on each team reserved for students signed up with
the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology's Museum of Geology's Summer
Field Paleontology Program.  Contact Museum Secretary, Ruth, for
applications for this separate program (Rfonteno@taz.sdsmt.edu).

Thanks for your help and have a great summer (looking ahead).

Julia Sankey

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