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Re: Sexual Dimorphism in Maiasaura (was seasonal day care)

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001 02:27:47  
 Rob Gay wrote:
>>But given the relatively large numbers of Maiasaura specimens, I bet 
>>someone is going to figure out how to tell the sexes apart.<
>I had the oppertunity to ask Jack Horner about this in the fall, and he said 
>that despite the total amount of material from Maiasaura known, there is 
>actually very little skull material (which is statistically very odd), and 
>this is where most of the evidence for dimorphism in hadrosaurs come from.

That is odd.  Didn't Horner find a bonebed with some 10,000 Maiasaura 
individuals??  You'd think that there would be a decent amount of skull 
material available there (I mean, Dodson used on 36 skulls in his analysis, 
Raath only 30 Syntarsus specimens, and Larson only a handful of Tyrannosaur 

I find it incredibly odd that there isn't much skull material from Maiasaura 
known.  Perhaps Horner was just being cautious when you asked him about sexual 
dimorphism.  He's a very cautious guy, and maybe he believes that the number of 
skulls that he has (or has seen) isn't a large enough number to 'correctly' 
study dimorphism.  Maybe he wants a larger sample, and isn't content with, say, 
only 100 skulls.  Or, maybe I'm just being foolish.

Either way, I predict that in the future a good amount of Maiasaura skulls will 
be found...based on the fact that most all of the Maiasaur material known was 
collected in the past 25 years, and this includes material from thousands of 


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