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Re: Sexual Dimorphism in Maiasaura (was seasonal day care)

That is odd. Didn't Horner find a bonebed with some 10,000 Maiasaura individuals?? You'd think that there would be a decent amount of skull material available there (I mean, Dodson used on 36 skulls in his analysis, Raath only 30 Syntarsus specimens, and Larson only a handful of Tyrannosaur specimens).<
Exactly, this is why I found his statement odd. But, when I think about it, I have only seen one complete adult Maiasaura skull. It is very odd that such a large assemblage would be biased against skulls.

Perhaps Horner was just being cautious when you asked him about sexual dimorphism. He's a very cautious guy, and maybe he believes that the number of skulls that he has (or has seen) isn't a large enough number to 'correctly' study dimorphism. Maybe he wants a larger sample, and isn't content with, say, only 100 skulls<
Also quite possible.

Either way, I predict that in the future a good amount of Maiasaura skulls will be found.<
I hope so! The more material, the better, I say, even with such an otherwise large sample size as Maiasaura. I think that between Coelophysis and Maiasaura we are presented with an opportunity to examine a large sample of individuals that formed one single population. If we were going to figure out if sexual dimorphism existed in any dinosaur, these two would be out best bet.

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