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RE: Apsaravis ukhaana, new Mongolian fossil bird

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> Dinogeorge@aol.com
> Yes, a new fossil bird from Mongolia. Here is the citation and
> abstract, from
> this week's issue of NATURE (freely available at the NATURE
> website). Don't
> know yet (haven't seen the article) whether this is a dinobird or
> a true bird
> farther up the cladogram:
"Dinobird"? Urgh.

_Apsaravis_ is found to be the sister taxon to ichthyornithiforms plus Aves
(aka Neornithes), with hesperornithiforms as the next group down the tree.
A bird very similar to primitive modern birds.  Skull is, sadly, very
fragmentary: the dentary tip is toothless, at least.