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Re: New JP3 pic again

> Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 08:38:15 -0600
> From: "Jeffrey Martz" <jeffmartz@earthlink.net>
>     Animatronic Spinosaurus snout threatens plane crash survivors, now =
> in beautiful Technicolor!
> http://www.mothership.com/images/evergreen//259lg.jpg

Isn't it funny how unconvincing the stills of these animals look?  You
see them moving on the screen and fall in love with them; then you see
stills and think, ``that look like a lump of rubber''.  There's a
colour plate of a JP Velociraptor in the SciAm book that demonstrates
this clearly; and it's the same with WWD stills.

BTW., I have finished rejigging the implementation (don't ask) of the
FAQ's book-recommendations page at
and added in all the material people have sent me over the last few
weeks, so I am now in a great position to start integrating new books
and new comments on existing books if anyone has any.  As always,
please send them to <dinofaq@egroups.com>

Thanks again to everyone who's been helping.

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