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Dinosaur FAQ #5

Thanks to everyone who's sent replies to FAQ #4 (``Why do scientific
descriptions of anatomical features use different words from everyday
language?'')  I think I now have a reasonable summary of the replies at
although more feedback is always welcome (are are any additional book

Now it's time to launch FAQ #5, which is as follows:

        There's a list of taxon names at


        This sequence reads like one of those puzzles where you have
        to mutate ``heat'' into ``cold'' by changing one letter at a

        What are the differences between all these names? 

Since I think I have a pretty good idea what the answer to this is, I
have written up an initial reply, which you can read at
There will surely be mistakes in there, though, I so I hereby solicit
corrections or any other suggestions.  (I thought that doing it this
way would save a lot of people the trouble of writing essentially
similar essays.  Let me know if that was a good idea.)

As always, responses to <dinofaq@egroups.com> please -- they will be
seen by me and by anyone who's registered an interest in the
FAQ-building process (which you too are very welcome to do at
should you wish.)

Thanks in advance!

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