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Re: Not so new papers

David Marjanovic wrote:

"..The trace of the Early Jurassic squatting theropod from Massachusetts contains the pubic-abdominal imprint with the hair- or feather-like impressions. ..."

Ah, but as we all know, these are really just "macerated collagen fibers" aren't they.


"Applying the Liliensternus and Dilophosaurus proportions of whole body length to foot length, to AC 1/7 footprint size, the trackmaker's length can be estimated as approximately 5 m."

I wonder if this down-like body covering may have been seasonal. Maybe theropods (especially, but not exclusively, the big ones) shed their "fuzz" in the spring and sprouted it again as winter approaches. This might explain its apparent absence in the Bavarian _Compsognathus_ and its presence in _Sinosauropteryx_ of Liaoning.

By the way, thanks for the reference David.



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