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Re: the biggest predators

> is there anybody out there [uhh... sounds a bit like Pink Floyd ;o) ]
> who can give me a most actually "hitlist" of the biggest carnosaurs
> referring the most actually standing at the moment?
> there are rumors that T. rex is getting smaller and smaller and .... :o(
> by the way  ...  whats about K. Righbys one ?    There are news ??

*T. rex* is not a carnosaur (full classification: http://dinosauricon.com);
AFAIK ( = as far as I know) it is getting bigger again and holds at 13,5 m
or so... doesn't it? (Unfortunately, Chris Brochu, who has preparated Sue,
is temporarily offlist.)
        Good candidates for the biggest theropods: *Giganotosaurus*,
*Carcharodontosaurus*, an unnamed relative of these two from Argentina,
*Spinosaurus*... have I missed one?

> and isn't it right that not the biggest Spinosaur, a fish eating dinosaur
> (thats are my information standing),


> could handle an adult t. rex ?

It couldn't, at least because these two never got together because of

> puhhh....  Palaentology is like the Information Technology
> if you be one day not in town, you are no longer be up to date.

Yep. The above website, though, is ALWAYS up-to-the-minute.

> by
> Charlie from Austria

Hey! I thought I were the only Austrian list member! Good to see that there
are more than 3 dino nuts in this country of 8.1 million people!