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Re: the biggest predators

> >         Good candidates for the biggest theropods: *Giganotosaurus*,
> > *Carcharodontosaurus*, an unnamed relative of these two from
> > Argentina, *Spinosaurus*... have I missed one?
> What about the giant jurassic theropod from the Wiehengebirge, Germany
> (AFAIK still unpublished)? Anything new about it?

Oh, yes. The German edition of National Geographic from November 1999
mentions "Das Monster von Minden" from the Late Jurassic, which has ribs 1
1/2 the size of those of *Allosaurus* and teeth which are estimatedly 30 cm
long with their roots; the whole beast is estimated as (trumpets) _15 m_ in
length. People used to think that this area was sea at the time; a bonebed
of sauropods in the same "sea" (though hundreds of km away) suggests

Mentioned in the Dinosauricon, AFAIK.