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Re: the biggest predators

It should also be mentioned that Spinosaurus is not in Carnosauria any more either, and although perhaps in contention for "longest" of these predators, even some tyrannosaurs probably beat it in overall "bigness".
So the main contenders seem to be the three Carcharodontine allosaurids (the Argentina form being unnamed), and the German "Monster von Minden" which I don't know anything about. Is this German theropod thought to be an allosaurid, like those other three huge huge predators?
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Subject: Re: the biggest predators
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 12:07:44 +0100

> is there anybody out there [uhh... sounds a bit like Pink Floyd ;o) ]
> who can give me a most actually "hitlist" of the biggest carnosaurs
> referring the most actually standing at the moment?
> there are rumors that T. rex is getting smaller and smaller and .... :o(
> by the way  ...  whats about K. Righbys one ?    There are news ??

*T. rex* is not a carnosaur (full classification: http://dinosauricon.com);
AFAIK ( = as far as I know) it is getting bigger again and holds at 13,5 m
or so... doesn't it? (Unfortunately, Chris Brochu, who has preparated Sue,
is temporarily offlist.)
        Good candidates for the biggest theropods: *Giganotosaurus*,
*Carcharodontosaurus*, an unnamed relative of these two from Argentina,
*Spinosaurus*... have I missed one?

> and isn't it right that not the biggest Spinosaur, a fish eating dinosaur
> (thats are my information standing),


> could handle an adult t. rex ?

It couldn't, at least because these two never got together because of

> puhhh....  Palaentology is like the Information Technology
> if you be one day not in town, you are no longer be up to date.

Yep. The above website, though, is ALWAYS up-to-the-minute.

> by
> Charlie from Austria

Hey! I thought I were the only Austrian list member! Good to see that there
are more than 3 dino nuts in this country of 8.1 million people!
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