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Re: Rigby's rex (wasRe: the biggst predator)

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001 12:46:11  
 Steven Coombs wrote:
>Ya, but there are differences in bone structure of the
>pubis and pieces of the tail etc.Here is a video link
>http://www.exn.ca/dinosaur/Video.cfm (Click on Bigger
>than T.rex)
>I really meant that it might be a new Tyrannosaur
>species or one of his cousins(Tyrannosaurids)!

Oh, I'm not doubting that it is a new species.  All I'm really saying is that 
Rigby never mentioned it to me in our short talk.  Of course, that means 

If it is a totally different kind of dinosaur, it is proabably a new 
Tyrannosaurus species.  The differences in bone structure and size seem minute. 


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