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Jurassic Plumage

A little late, perhaps, but here's my thoughts on the case of the maybe feathered _Dilophosaurus_ (okay, yes, I know the track in question is smaller than either UCMP 37302 or 77270):
While having never seen the resting trace in question, I must defer to those with greater knowledge of the actual specimen, I also have my own little bit to add. Rowe (1989) mentions the bones of _Syntarsus kayentakatae_ being covered in a black substance, and mentions that Raath reported the same thing for _S. rhodesiensis_, and suggested that this is the remains of some of the original organic material. Now, I can say that at least one specimen of _Dilophosaurus_ has this black crust around some of the bones, and bones from another animal (_Scelidosaurus_) found at the same site did not have this crust. The question that comes to mind, for me, is; "Is the black crust the remains of feathers?". This seems like it might even be able to be proved, if one could analyze the chemical composition of the crust, and compare it to that of feathers. That's my input.

Literature-based paleontology kicks us in the ass again...<

As this college student is starting to learn...and finding out something that you can't get from the literature is great ! See specimens!

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"A _Coelophysis_ with feathers?"

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