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stegosaurian info

Hi to the list-members.
I need some informations on the limb dimension of some stegosaurian genere:
the femoral lenght of Stegosaurus, Lexovisaurus, Tuojiangosaurus, Dacentrurus,
Kentrosaurus & Huayangosaurus. Of the same genera, I need the humeral
lenght and the diameter of the same bone at the center (below the proximal
expansion, and over the distal expansion).
Thanks in advanced

bye bye
Marco Auditore
"Volunteer of Paleontological Group of Monfalcone"
Via S.Giovanni Battista, 7/23
16154 Genova Sestri Ponente - Italy
tel: ++39-010-6044259
e-mail: maaudito@tin.it