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Paleontological Society of Washington

It is my pleasure to announce that Tom Holtz (aka Dr. Tom,
Tyranno-boy, He who lives and breathes theropods) will be
giving the January talk for the Paleontological Society of
Washington, tomorrow night here at the NMNH. His topic,
ceratopsian biomechanics, no wait, theropod realtionships
and feathered dinosaurs. Yeah that's it. All are welcome,
write me off list for directions, etc.

For anyone interested, the PSW is a wonderful organization
that started in the 30's and has the outlandish dues of $3
year and generates small and wonderfully cozy toals at the
Museum on all things paleontological. Anyone interested in
more info contact me OFF LIST.

Have a good one, don't come into town this weekend if you
aren't going to a gala or inaugural, it will be pretty
darned busy.

Ralph E. Chapman, Secretary PSW