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Re: biggest predators (Allosaurid "Dynasty")

Ken Kinman wrote:

The only time I ever liked T. rex was when it saved the
day at the end of Jurassic Park. By the way, does the book explain how T. rex got inside the building

Michael Crichton's book is quite different from the movie, and that scene is not present in the book. The sequel differed even more from the book - all that _The Lost World_ the book and _The Lost World_ the movie had in common was the title. Oh, and they both had dinosaurs and some precocious children.

(did the Velociraptors leave the delivery door
open or what???).

I think the _T. rex_ squeezed his way in through the catflap. ;-)

P.S. If I thought there was much chance carcharodontosaurs would turn out
to be closer to the abelisaurs, I would probably recognize a separate Family
Carcharodontosauridae. But they fit so nicely in Allosauridae, I don't
think that is very probable.

Yikes, what a shemozzle. [Shemozzle (noun); slang: Confusing or disorganized situation; mess.] All this horsetrading to see if one clade gets to be a family or not. If carcharodontosaurs are closer to allosaurids than abelisaurids, then they get lumped in with the allosaurids; but if they happen to be closer to the abelisaurids than to the allosaurids, then the carcharodontosaurs deserve their own family...
Wouldn't it just be so much easier to draw a cladogram instead of wracking one's brains to determine what rank each lineage deserves?

By the way, on the issue of _Epanterias amplexus_, the status of this species has been raised in the past. It's an invalid species, since the type material belongs to an indeterminate allosaur. There's a lot of good stuff in the archives on _Epanterias_.



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