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Re: Questions on Heartrate

> Just did my first Lab exercise in Bio260 on the human heart.
> Curiously, my heart rate was ...for lack of better term at the moment,
> spazmadic. Updownupdown; really jagged, close jumpy lines.
> In the lecture before the class we learned that, in general,
> the larger the animal, the slower the heart rate, and the more blood
> the animal's heart pumps, and that smaller animals' hearts beat faster
> (which may explain why my heartbeats were spikey on the paper)..
> So here are my questions:
> Do larger crocs & kin have slower heartbeats than young ones,too?
> Is it also the same way with birds?

It is this way in humans, at least, heart rate correlates with size, and
size (for a certain time at least) with age. So I'm sure that it is the same
way in crocs and birds, even though I don't actually know.