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Re: So here it is... my paper, open for discussion (very long; try to view it in maximum window breadth)

As *A.* lived at the seashore, where there aren't too many things to sniff, I'll suspect convergence.<
Actually, I'd say that there is more stuff to smell at the seashore than on, say, a plain. There is the saltwater smell that the animal would need to filter out, and then, it would need to seperate seaweed from crabs from washed-up ichthyosaurs from all kinds of animal dung from predators from prey from animals that aren't a threat from other archies. Just my take, but I think that the animal would have to deal with all kinds of shore and sea smells, plus the usual inland smells. Anyone know if there is a difference in olfactory lobes in a pelican versus a secratary bird?

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