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Re: the biggest predators

Greetings(that's right, I'm back...)
    If I understand correctly, all these big meat eaters topped out at around 
the same size: 40-45 feet in length and around 6-8 tons in weight. I also 
understand that this is due to energy loss up the food chain limiting the 
size predators can attain. Which brings me to Charcarodon megalodon. 
Megalodon supposedly reached estimated lengths of 40-50 feet and 20+ tons. I 
believe this is due to the ocean environment suspending the full effect of 
gravity, but if sauropods can reach the size of some whales, why couldn't a 
predatory dinosaur reach the size of a Megalodon? It would certainly be an 
advantage in hunting the super-giant South American sauropods... 
                                                Glad to be back,
                                                        Brian Buck
"Me, Grimlock want to munch metal!!"