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Info request - Brit Dinos

...lurker decloaking...
Greetings all,
      My wife and I will be going to England for about three weeks sometime
during the period from mid-May to mid-June.  We are currently planning a full
day for the British Museum in London and a visit to Charles Darwin's home,
"Down House," and the Owen's era dinosaur sculptures at the Crystal
Palace(?).   Other stops on our itinerary will include Stonehenge and
Hadrian's Wall. We will also be spending a couple of nights in Leicestershire
visiting memories of my childhood as a US Air Force brat growing up in
England.  We know that the New Walk Museum in Leicester has a dinosaur
exhibit, does anyone know if it is worth a visit?  I would love to spend some
time in Lyme Regis visiting Mary Anning's seashore but don't think we will be
able to fit it in.  We are seeking recommendations for MUST SEE sites.  They
don't have to be limited to paleo or dinosaur sites and, since we are not
going to Ireland, Scotland, Wales or The Isle of Man, I don't even want to
hear what I am missing in those places.
Thanks in advance for all the great suggestions I know I will getting.
One other thing, I admit it, I'm a lurker.  I wonder how many people
subscribed to the DML are just like me?  Many of the threads on this list are
over my head and sometimes I think there is lot of people getting bogged down
in minutia.  But to me it says that people are THINKING - and that is a good
thing.  I admire and respect you all for it, even when I disagree and think
an opinion is full of dino dung!  And, these really are my last comments, I
like seeing the number of kids that are on this list.
Oh, some of them leap before they look and ask questions without thinking
them through first, but that is the impetuosity of youth.  I learned early in
life that the only truly stupid question is the one you don't ask.  But every
once in a while one of them asks a question that gets everyone's attention -
and that is a good thing!  We need more impetuous, exuberant young people
keepin'  the old folks awake and honest.
Enuff said, thanks for listening.
Rik Chandler
...cloaking device on....