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Re: In Re: David's Statements

Jaime Headden wrote-

> <Caenagnathus...>
> Gripe here ... it's *Chirostenotes *.

Oops.  How did I let that one slip past?  Stupid Chirostenotes in the
Caenagnathidae confusing matters.....grumble...

> Oviraptorids enjoyed fused postdentary mandibulae, too.

I was speaking of articular-surangular fusion, which is present in
Chirostenotes, Avimimus and ornithothoracines, but absent in oviraptorids
(Osmoslka 1976, Barsbold et al. 1990, Smith 1992, Elzanowski 1997).

> <<<proximodorsal ischial process>>>
> <The only non-pygostylians with the process are Bambiraptor,
> Sinornithosaurus, Unenlagia, Rahonavis and Archaeopteryx. Well,
> I suppose sinraptorids have a version of the process too, but
> they're way down the tree.>
>   You can add *Nomingia* and *Segnosaurus* (and possibly
> *Nanshiungosaurus brevispinus*) to these.

I consider these processes homologous to the mid-dorsal ischial processes of
Sinornithosaurus, Rahonavis and Archaeopteryx.  Never even noticed the one
on Nomingia.  I'll add it to my matrix...

Mickey Mortimer