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Re: Re.avian flight

Check the wing loading for yourself, as a quick convincer.  It's similar to
other birds.  And increasing weight and wing loading don't necessarily
prohibit flight, it just means the speed required for flight is increased.
With Archaeopteryx' wings and estimated weight, if he had a pectoral mass
fraction on the loose order of 7% (compared to a pigeon's 17%, more or
less), then he'd probably have been able to climb at about 200 fpm, compared
to the pigeon's 490 fpm.

Mike Taylor wrote:

> Excuse me -- I'm probably waaay out of date here (my information is
> from Adrian J. Desmond's 1975 book, _The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs: A
> Revolution in Palaeontology_) but I'd been under the impression that
> Archaeopteryx was too heavy to fly ...  Someone please tell me how
> this is yet another area where conventional wisdom has swung through
> 180% degrees in the time since the material was written when I have
> learned all I know?
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