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Underwater Flight

Now, does this suppose that these theropods are already feathered when they enter the water? Because if they aren't, I see no pressure for them to evolve feathers, once aquatic. What made theropods special from, say, icthyosaurs and mosasaurs? They didn't evolve feathers. And animals with covering that spend most of their time in the water tend to reduce the size of their covering, both in length (penguin) and total area (cetaceans). It seems like the pressure in an aquatic environment is biased against the begining of flight.
Also, on the comment earlier about segnosaurs; if they were saurapodamorphs, even with their dino-fuzz, then what implications does this have for the origin of fuzz (is it a basal character, like mammal fur?), and what would this mean for BCF?

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"A _Coelophysis_ with feathers?"

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