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Megalodon vs. T.Rex & Co

hi to all

i mean, the two have never met, of course but i dont think
C. M. have could even took a mid-size T. Rex with one bite

i heared from the Movie MEG (with a mega-proportioned JAWS)
and i know the opening scene the C.M. took a Rex.

imagine, a Gulo Gulo is atacked by a Grizzly. Most the much more
smaller Gulo wins the match and Mr. Grizzly only perhaps has the chance
to win the race.

i want to say that Predators which have Rex Size cannot be eaten by on bite i

and by the way:
i knew the fatal errors made in past by Carcharodon megalodon refering his 

could anybody tell my, why those mistakes occured and were published.

i heard there were totaly different reference objects for compare.

in fact i have to state, that the possibility is very great that the time of T. 
Rex as the greatest
Dinosaur-Predator is over  :o(
Perhaps Horners and Righbys ones are give a few + points , but i think thats 

Imagine there are over 30 T. Rex are found, and Giganotosaurus & Co ..   thats, 
i believe, is only the
beginning to learn from that relatively new ones. And more material will be 
found .....

I heard from a 8 Foot Skull of Spino.   WOW ...      Nearly  Kronosaurus 
Know anybody more of this ..... ?

thank you


from Austriy