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Re: Hadrosaur necks [was Re: A few species names if you please.]

Wagner znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU wrote:

>   1) Midline frills: there is evidence of rows of thick scales and segmented
> soft frills down the backs of hadrosaurs. It has been suggested that
> lambeosaurines had a soft frill extending from the "spike" at the back of
> the crest down the neck. Czerkas as claimed that there is no evidence for
> this, but his views have yet to be formally published. I would say that
> there is a very reasobale possibility that such frills were present.
>  --SNIP--
> 3) Nuchal ligaments: Czerkas has suggested that hadrosaurs had
> "ungulate-like" nuchal ligaments extending from the "whithers" area above
> the shoulders to the head (or the axis?). This suggestion has, to my
> knowledge, NEVER been properly presented. Despite this, Greg Paul, for
> whom I have the utmost repect, has adopted the suggestion wholesale,
> including it on all of his reconstructions of hadrosaurs, as well as
> Ouranosaurus.

See Czerkas' article, "Skin," in Currie and Padian's _Encyclopedia of
Dinosaurs_.  Here Czerkas makes his case for these and other assertions
regarding the life appearance of dinosaurs.

-- Ralph W. Miller III   ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu