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Re: Please help with Specimen Number and Museum abbreviation!

        Thanks to everyone for their help in my attempts to locate this
information. So far, Auburn Museum of Paleontology is the winner of the
museum abbreviation heat. 
        George suggested that the Kritosaurus skull I am looking for is
NMC 2278, a suggestion also put forth (privately) by another generous list
member. Unfortunately, this is the type specimen of K. notabilis, and not
the specimen illustrated by Weishampel... unless DBW was drawing the
*left* side of the type (which is normally illustrated in right lateral
profile. I hate to press, but I wonder if folks who have access to Glut
could check.

        As an aside, this little inquiry has highlighted two important
points for me: 1) the importance of people like George and Tracy (Ford)
who have access to almost all of the literature, and 2) the secret hidden
value of Glut's encyclopedia: Glut actually assembled a large number of
photographs which have *never* been previously published. It is odd that
a very few, rare, often poorly known, fragementary, or otherwise less
consequential taxa, such as Archaeopteryx, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus,
etc., are the subject of a large volume of different illustrations,
whereas groups which are known from extensive bodies of fossil material,
much of it in excellent condition and in many cases articulated, such as
hadrosaurs, some ceratopsians, and, apparently, Diplodocus, are
normally represented by the same hoary old pictures, or, at best, new
pictuures of the same hoary old specimens. Some of this has to do with
accessability, and other considerations. However, Glut is a rare
individual indeed for daring to break with tradition and include a variety
of pictures of a variety of specimens, and to actually spend a
reasonablenumber of pages on better known taxa, rather than squandering
fifteen pages on alvarezsaurs and two on hadrosaurs. Grump grump grump.