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Re: Please help with Specimen Number and Museum abbreviation!

In a message dated 1/18/01 10:09:14 AM EST, znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

<< George suggested that the Kritosaurus skull I am looking for is
 NMC 2278, a suggestion also put forth (privately) by another generous list
 member. Unfortunately, this is the type specimen of K. notabilis, and not
 the specimen illustrated by Weishampel... unless DBW was drawing the
 *left* side of the type (which is normally illustrated in right lateral
 profile. I hate to press, but I wonder if folks who have access to Glut
 could check. >>

The skull illustrated by Don Glut is NMC 2278, but this is not the specimen 
illustrated in the Dinosauria chapter by Weishampel & Horner. I compared them 
side by side; both appear in right lateral view. Also, NMC 2278 seems to be a 
plaster mount, so the left side may not be visible. You might try checking 
Lull & Wright, my copy of which is buried right now, since they sometimes 
illustrate more than one specimen for each hadrosaur taxon, and of course the 
original Gryposaurus notabilis paper. Finally, of course, you might try 
emailing Dave Weishampel and ask him which specimen he used.