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Re: Songbird shows how evolution works

Dear all:
There are several ring species known to biologists.  This songbird condition is not a new thing.  There are plenty of examples of evolution and speciation known.  From an example of sympatric speciation in the fruit fly Rahoglottis pomonella to this ring species to the vancomycin-resistant bacteria species, science knows proof of evolution.
Of intrigue, though, is the fact that the Biological Species Concept would recognize this ring species as only one species, but the Phylogenetic Species Concept would recognize several species.  There are many repercussions of  this difference, including affecting the Endangered Species Act.
So as interesting as this info is, the most important aspect of it is the leakage into the media.  It serves to educate a wider audience about evolution.   And that's always good.
Peace out, Demetrios Vital.