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Re: So here it is...

Under water there is nothing to smell for nearly all tetrapods (has been suggested otherwise for "pliosaurs", but nobody can argue Archie was that specialized for an aquatic predator).<
An animal has to be able to percieve it's surroundings, and in murky, rough water, an animal would need to be able to find it's prey, and in these conditions, eyesight just won't do. Ever been swimming in murky water? In conditions like these, either smell of hearing would probably be your best bet for situational awareness (granted, Archie isn't from a turbulent coast, but there must be a lot of sediment suspended in the water to be able to cover the feathers quickly enough to be preserved).
Also, out of curiousity, would this theory make animals like _Microraptor_ secondarily terrestrial? (I'm probably way off on that one)

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