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Re: The Ostrom Symposium volume

Is there any conclusion about which birds clades were (Neo-)Gondwanan?
I've already read about Ratitae, Galloanserae, Psittaciformes, Gruiformes
(at least kagu, cariamas, phorusrhacids), Gaviiformes,
Tubinares(=Procellariiformes), Sphenisci and Passeriformes.
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Subject: The Ostrom Symposium volume

> Not that anyone has ever mentioned it on the list, but "New Perspectives
> the Origin and Early Evolution of Birds:  Proceedings of the International
> Symposium in Honor of John Ostrom," edited by Jacques Armand Gauthier, is
> "in press."  See the website at:
> http://www.peabody.yale.edu/publications/Origins.html
> for more information including table of contents.
> The viewer is advised to contact the publications office after February 1
> pricing and availability and/or to be put on an email list.
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