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Re: So here it is...

David Marjanovic wrote-

> Well, you're speaking of mammals. Mammals use scent for everything, birds
> and, by phylogenetic bracketing, all dinosaurs don't use it that much.
>         This goes so far that for decades most birds were supposed to have
> hardly any sense of smell at all because many aren't disturbed in the
> by the smell of their own excrements. We try to avoid smelling this
> mammals, unlike any known bird or other tetrapod, often mark their
> territories by sh***ing at the borders.

Actually, regardless of whether beach-going animals need a good sense of
smell or not, the point originally made (Archaeopteryx is closer to
pygostylians than to oviraptorosaurs, dromaeosaurs and arctometatarsalians
because it has reduced olfactory lobes) is moot anyhow.  Osmolska (1976)
states that oviraptorids have very small olfactory lobes as well, so this
particular character isn't unique to Archaeopteryx and pygostylians.  My

Mickey Mortimer