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Re: the biggest predators

Buckaroobwana@aol.com wrote:
> Greetings(that's right, I'm back...)
>     If I understand correctly, all these big meat eaters topped out at around
> the same size: 40-45 feet in length and around 6-8 tons in weight. I also
> understand that this is due to energy loss up the food chain limiting the
> size predators can attain. Which brings me to Charcarodon megalodon.

Isn't this Carcharocles now? Or does it keep flip-flopping back and
forth (the genus, that is, not the shark itself).

> Megalodon supposedly reached estimated lengths of 40-50 feet and 20+ tons. I
> believe this is due to the ocean environment suspending the full effect of
> gravity, but if sauropods can reach the size of some whales, why couldn't a
> predatory dinosaur reach the size of a Megalodon?

Plants don't run away or require subduing. If a sauropod had to chase
down its food it would probably have starved.

A super-large theropod that specialised only on slow-moving sauropods
would still have to have been agile enough to avoid the herbivore's own
defences. Unless it developed a means of sauropod hypnotism, kind of
like a ten tonne Count Dracula. :)


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