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Re: Details on Yandangornis

> In a message dated 1/21/01 8:21:36 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> Mickey_Mortimer@email.msn.com writes:
> > The authors refer Yandangornis to its own family (Yandangithidae) and
> (
> > Yandangithiformes) within the Sauriurae.  It should be noted that the
> family
> > and order names are formed incorrectly (should be Yandangornithidae and
> > Yandangornithiformes), but ammendment is uneccessary under the new ICZN
> > rules.
> Are you sure?  I thought the new rules were that you could either form the
> name *correctly* or form it by dropping the final syllable and
adding -idae.
> In either case, "Yandangithidae" is out, as the second method would yield
> "Yandangornidae"*.
> --Nick P.
> *Technically, it should yield "Yandangoridae", since the last "n" is part
> the final syllable of "Yandangornis"!

I think the authors used one of the many references that say that bird in
Greek is "ornis, ithos", which is rather confusing, in any case more than
"ornis, -ithos" or "ornis, ornithos". Without knowing the authors' language
skills (disclaimer), I suspect that names like Yandangithidae and
Caudipteridae are to be expected in China because the Chinese language has
no flexion whatsoever from which native speakers could build an analogy.