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Pyrite Preservation Predicament

Distinguished colleagues:

I apologize for referring to a pesky invertebrate in the following post,
but I would think that my problem could be addressed by readers who have
experience with either pyritized shells or pyritized bones.

I have a small pyritized ammonite fossil that lost its gold color after
I made an RTV silicone rubber mold of it.  It turned dark and dull, much
like tarnished silverware.  What (if anything) can I do to restore it to
its original golden color?  Is there a recommended sealer for iron
pyrite fossils?  Are there any other methods you advocate to protect and
preserve the specimen?

Thank you,

-- Ralph W. Miller III   ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu

Not yet preoccupied: _Ramalamadingdangornis_.