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Re: Details on Yandangornis

Nick Pharris wrote-

> Are you sure?  I thought the new rules were that you could either form the
> name *correctly* or form it by dropping the final syllable and
adding -idae.
> In either case, "Yandangithidae" is out, as the second method would yield
> "Yandangornidae"*.

Hmm.  Actually, as Yandangithidae was named in 1999, it is not under the
jurisdiction of the new edition if the ICZN (unlike Caudipteridae), but
rather the old 3rd edition.  So I suppose it would have to be changed to
Yandangornithidae.  Yandangithiformes is an order name and not covered by
the ICZN, so it must stay.  However, as no other potential yandangornithids
are known, both terms are redundant an unneeded in phylogenetic taxonomy.
Ben Creisler should be credited for this information as I got it off his
previous post-
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Jul/msg00451.html .

Mickey Mortimer