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Floating allosaurs??

Dear all,
        a premise: following recent thread on biggest predator the allosauroid
from Minden was quoted as coming from a marine (or paralic?) depositional
environment, as for the italian saltriosaur, also coming from a marine
carbonatic sediment. Now a geologist here wondered which was the possible
scenario: continent was less far than supposed or there were islands
nearby. This is important for his studies on Thetys coasts disposition.
Consequent questions:

1) Does anyone have data about how long and how far can a dead large
terrestrial animal float (say, elephant carcasses)?

2) How large should have been the eventual island to permit life to even a
small population of allosaurs, given the (?low) nutritional value of
conifers etc. on which the allosaur preys fed upon?

If anyone is aware of published data or want to share his (even wildly
speculative) ideas on this, either privately or on the list, I (and my
geologist colleague) will be wery grateful!

Thanks in advance,

                                Silvio Renesto 

"Before being enlightened,   hard work; after enlightenment, hard work"
(Guo Yunshen).

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