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Re: avian flight

> > I'll try to scan the paper this week. As for copyright... hm, I'm not
> > to sell anything, and I suppose the author wouldn't object that his
> > are spread because I have never seen the paper cited anywhere, even
> > Neues Jahrbuch is a relatively widely available journal.
> Copyright protection is very important to me.  Please don't send it if it
> violate the copyright.

I'm actually not sure. I suggest I send you the scan (not yet ready), you do
with it what you want, and in the improbable case someone finds this
unlawful, I take all responsibility, OK?
Further discussion will be much easier if more people here know Ebel's

> > > >What is the effect of tails to
> > > > total wing loading and lift in modern birds?
> > >
> > > It ranges from roughly -30 to +30 percent
> >
> > How can it be negative?
> When the tail is carrying a download, which it may want to do for any of
> reasons.  For example, when in cruise my Cherokee normally has a tail
> of about 200 pounds, roughly 10 percent of the gross weight (2150 pounds).
> carries this download to offset the nose-down pitching moment of the wing,
> is a 65sub2-415, a laminar flow 65 series that has a T/C max of 15%, a
design Cl
> of 0.4, and is designed to remain within the drag bucket with a 0.2 range
in the
> coefficient of lift.


> > > Why would he[*] want to?
> >
> > She* would want to because her center of gravity was most likely at the
> > hips -- good for bipedal running, bad for gliding. After all, she had a
> > of reasonable size.
> >
> > *Another school dogma about the English language has hereby died ~:-| --
> > one saying that in English, unlike any other Indo-European language
> > Persian, only explicit persons get grammatical genders. When we are at
> > the name *Archaeopteryx* is female, and *A. lithographic_a_* and *A.
> > bavaric_a_* are correct. German-speakers often don't know this... Ebel
> > and always writes "she" in his paper.
> I never realized that there were no males in the species.

Erm... I just wondered why you wrote "he".