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On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 22:33:48  
 David Marjanovic wrote:
>> Pete Buchholz
>> Tetanurae@aol.com
>> Re-elect Gore in 2004
>See the Official Florida Presidential ballot at
>http://www.feek.at-img-20001115florida_wahl.jpg B-) B-) B-) (hope the link
>Just heard that the warming of Earth's climate is accelerating faster than
>expected... and the first thing Bush did was to obliterate the few laws
>Clinton had enacted to protect the environment... We may get a Mesozoic
>climate and Eocene sea levels sooner or later. Good for the crocodiles --
>bad for ...

Surely this list is not for political discussion...because it it were, then I 
would have chimed in a long time ago.

Anyway, you're really not implying that Bush's Presidency is going to result in 
a Mesozoic climate and Eocene sea levels!! :-)

Those laws Bush "obliterated" had nothing much to do at all with global 
warming.  Instead, they were mostly concerned with establishing national 
monuments.  And, let's not make Clinton a hero here.  He had eight years to 
establish these "environmental" laws, and only did so in his final week...much 
like his pardoning of Susan McDougal and his own brother (all of the people 
that have the dirt on him), and of that billionaire that owed some $250 million 
to the government in taxes and escaped to Switzerland (his wife was close 
Clinton friend and a big Democratic fundraiser).  

And, that ballot link you posted (all over MSNBC earlier in November)....

All I am saying is: if you open the list up to political discussion, this is 
what you will get...and I'm not even a Republican.

Okay, back to dinosaurs.  I've been reading some interesting papers on 
spinosaurids lately...


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